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tv   This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  March 18, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i do have a feeling that our reporters are looking for those very people. tom fuentes, thanks as always. "at this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. did someone deliberately change the path of that missing jetliner using the cockpit flight computer? we will look at the new details from this new report. for the first time, a foreign government says its military radar picked up malaysian flight 370 before and possibly after the plane's transponder was turned off. >> why didn't anyone on board the missing jet make any phone calls apparently of any kind? so many people have been asking that question. at this hour, we have some possible answers.
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. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. new evidence emerging to bolster the belief that flight 370 changed course. it is now day 11 since the jet disappeared into thin air with 239 souls on board. >> it comes from thailand. the military says it was receiving normal flight path and communicating data from the malaysian airline plan on its planned route from kuala lumpur to beijing until 1:22 a.m. six minutes later, the thai military detected an unknown signal heading in the opposite direction. a new report from the times suggests the plane's path was deliberately altered from the computer. it is likely someone programmed
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flight 370 to turn west. no one knows who entered the coordinates or when. >> they announced the total search area stands 2.24 million square nautical miles. let's put that in perspective for you. it is like looking for a few people somewhere between new york and california. >> a huge area. that thai data is the second radar evidence that the plane did, indeed, turn around toward the strait of milalacca. mary schiavo and peter field join us. mary, i am going to start with you since you are here with us. this new radar data from thailand, what can this now tell us? >> well, it doesn't tell so much something new as it bolsters the theories. now, we have a second way to
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say, yes, this plane hit its first mark and then turned left. the other thing it could add, since thailand is a little bit north, if it can expand the circle we know. all we have from these satellites. thailand is a little bit north. their radar should cover a larger area. did the plane veer to the north or to the south. at least, it is a confirmation that it did teurn and started heading west. >> this information would have helped about a week ago. >> it would have helped about a week ago. the only thing we can say, at least they are still looking for additional information and other governments and countries are helping. it would help if they have any drexel speed, altitude information, whatsoever. >> they are quoting the thais saying the malaysians never specifically asked for it since it is shocking when you think about it. >> peter, the other report we
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are talking about today is this report in the "new york times," about the in-flight computer. "the new york times" reporting that someone programmed in these waypoints. what can you tell us about this computer and if someone changed it in flight, what exactly does that tell you? >> it puts the navigation system is how you navigate the airplane and that is coupled off with the autopilot. so when you program a new waypoint into the computer, the airplane flies to that waypoint. that's obviously what the pilots have done or somebody has done with this airplane. it is a perfectly normal mode of control. >> what about this notion that seasoned veterans say, when you are making a flight like this, you know where the nearby airports are in case you have to land in an emergency. is that a plausible scenario? >> the sharp left turn takes you
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across malaysia out into the bay of bengal. it wouldn't seem to me that that would be a logical sanctuary for a crippled airplane. >> would you make these calculations and make these computations, would you be able to do that, peter, in flight, if something were going wrong? >> oh, absolutely right. these waypoints are generally identified. i don't know about the overseas routes but here in the u.s., way points are identified by a three or four or five-letter names. you just type those in. and the system knows where it goes from there. that's what would happen. we are talking about perfectly normal operation of the airplane up and away. >> mary, it occurred to me we are talking about a high-tech machine. you talked to us about this incredible amount of electronics below and the computer systems
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involved. is there a potential this could have been hacked or there could have been a virus in this computer that could have caused something to fail from that point of view? >> there is always a potential for a problem with the computers and lots of things on board. i will only there have been several directives, warnings put out by the federal aviation administration. it says to officers, you must go fix or inspect this. there have been several warnings about the acars to various electronics, et cetera, below the cockpit, under the floor in the belly of the plane. there is certainly smoke and fire detection equipment on board. there is always a possibility for problems, a lot of computer equipment. >> mary schiavo and colonel peter fields, we thank you for joining us. russian president, vladmir putin, gets a standing ovation as i addresses a joint session
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of the russian parliament in moscow. the russian president says that sunday's referendum proves the region wants to be part of the russian federation and not part of ukraine. >> reporter: you know that crimea has always been and always will remain an inalleebl part of russia. >> president putin denied allegations that he wants to split up other parts of ukraine saying, quote, we do not want to divide you. >> president obama awarding the medal of honor to 24 veterans that served in world war ii, korea, and vietnam. only three of these army vets are still alive. they were selected after congress looked into whether jewish, african-american troops were denied the honor in past because of prejudice. >> general motors decided to change the way they handle
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recalls after a botched recall linked to deaths. it was caused by a faulty ignition switch that causes cars to shut off and disables air bags. general motors recalled 1.5 million vehicles for air bag problems. ceo, mary barra apologized. >> these are developments that shouldn't surprise anyone. something went wrong with our process in this instance. as a member with the gm family and as a mom with a family of my own, this hits home. we have apologized. that's just one step. >> gm says they were aware of the faulty problem for a decade. kevin trudeau heading to federal prison.
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he will spend ten years locked up for criminal contempt. a federal judge told trubeau he spent more than 10 years cheating others for his personal gain. >> but also say, but, wait, there is more. >> we just figured out what the more was. >> wait is prison. just what went on inside the cockpit of flight 370. how exactly do you change the coordinates on the flight computer? we will take a look inside the cockpit at one of these computers next. introducing olive garden's pronto lunch starting at $6.99. an entirely new menu created with your busy schedule in mind. handmade italian sandwiches, flatbreads, and our signature soup and salad. starting at $6.99. and all served "pronto!" at olive garden. suddenly you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone.
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we're getting some breaking news out of the pacific northwest. in seattle, we are told a helicopter has crashed right near the space needle. no word on injuries. at least two cars were set on fire. that is what we do know. witnesses are telling a local newspaper that a person in a car nearby managed to get out of that burning vehicle. you can tell that is quite a situation. specially near the space needle, a heavily trafficked area. the tourist frequent and also some of the local businesses in downtown area, very close to that spot in seattle. >> the crash appears to be near broad street right near that landmark. the space needle just a moment ago. investigators still trying to make sense of what happened in cockpit flight 37. we now know and suspect the plane went off course taking a hard left turn to the west.
8:14 am
"the new york times" reporting that the change was made by an on board computer that was most likely programmed by someone in the cockpit. >> our martin savidge is back in the cockpit joined by flight pilot mitchell casado. we want you to show us this program computer and how you could program it in flight and ask the question, why would you? >> here it is. this is the flight management system. it does a lot of things to assist the pilot and co-pilot. it is really a gps on steroids. like the gps for your car, it was programmed before the flight took off for the flight that it was taking, 370 was going from kuala lumpur to beijing. all of the information to navigate this aircraft to beijing was loaded into this computer to help the plane go.
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could you alter the course once you are in the air? yeah, it can and, in fact, pilot mitchell casada can show us how easily that is done. >> this is our flight path. i have the flight plan in here, all the legs. there is our airplane. it is a matter of typing in where you want to go. the waypoint or the radio navigation aid. we punch it into the computer. we verify that's what we want. now, we have a different route to go. the airplane will follow that route. it is a very simple key stroke. >> the easy thing about this. first of all, you have to know what you are doing tichlts n. it is not like you are just anybody. any change in the attitude of the aircraft, we can see you are turning. if you are a passenger back there, it doesn't feel dramatic or like you have gotten into some sort of problem. it feels very normal. a course change can be significant but to the
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passenger, you may not really feel it at all. >> if you make the change on the inflight computer, it takes the turn very groadually. we are talking about this big western turn that would take the flight off the course to beijing. would passengers have noticed? >> we are talking about an aircraft that is designed to do things slowly. the autopilot, even with a sharp turn, is going to make this plane turn within normal parameters. >> it doesn't mean the airplane is going to go out of control. the maximum bank angle is 30 degrees. past that, it starts to get unstable. 30 degree maximum angle
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regardless of the radius of the turn. >> generally, though, if there is any turbulence disrupts a plane when you are traveling, the captain or the co-pilot will say, we are passing through some turbulence. put your seat belts on. martin savidge, mitchell casado, thank you for giving us an insight. it is such a valuable thing. >> people have so many questions. one of them was, this plane is turning so radically. >> ahead at this hour, ta third of the passengers on that jet are chinese. china deployed even more in the search. why this may be about more than just helping the victims. >> the search area spans more than 2 million square nautical miles. crews are looking at two distinct tracks now. our next guest says they should
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breaking news from seattle. we have tlaernd two people are dead in the crash of a helicopter near the space needle. we know it happened on broad street near the infamous and famous mark in new york city. firefighters and police are on the scene putting out the blaze and dealing with the casualties. we are getting all sorts of new
8:22 am
details in right now and working the phones to get you more information. you can understand this is a huge concern at such a well-trafficked area. we do not know if the two reported deaths come from inside the helicopters or on the ground. a truck destroyed by this crash. that will be information that is key to get and we will update you as that information comes. >> back to our top story now. china now has 21 satellites looking to are that missing jet over its territory. china has taken a high-profile role. >> investigators believe that the last-known location of the plane lies somewhere along these two very, very long arcs. one stretches north over asia and the other south into the indian ocean. we know that two-thirds of the passengers on flight 370 were chinese citizens.
8:23 am
peter brookes, says, china says it has conducted background checks on all the chinese passengers on board. china says they found no evidence that any of them were involved in the hijacking. no evidence that any of them were linked to terrorism including one passenger who we believe was uighur, in that region in china that has been known to be an area where there has been some terrorist activity. the comment from china, there is no connection to terrorism at all. how can china be sure? how should the u.s. be looking at that statement? >> obviously, we are still looking for clues here. china has some reasons to say that there were no terrorism involved. chinese terrorism involved in this. internationally, they want a certain reputation. they want the world to think that they have their islamist, extremist issues under control. they have a very large domestic
8:24 am
audience interested in the fate of these passengers. a lot of groups they are speaking to. this data originated in malaysia, not china. china has a lot of reasons for saying what they are saying. it would be good to know if they were correct. they are probably not going to give us any insight into their investigation. >> that brings me to our next question. is there a chance there is more going on than just search for this missing plane. they have a big reason to look at more than 100 passengers were from china. is there a chance they would be withholding certain data and china? >> it is certainly possible. i have a concern about china from the security perspective, the rise of their military and the large defense budgets. i think this is humanitarian. eve tho even though china is a repressive government, they have to pay attention to domestic
8:25 am
opinion. some of the families lost on this aircraft, assuming that they are lost, there are reports of them undergoing a hunger strike. there is going to be a lot of pressure on the government to get to a resolution. the government in beijing is dealing with a lot of pressures right now. >> peter, could i ask you a little bit about the investigation. one of the latest pieces of news comes from thailand saying their radar picked up what could very well be this flight on 370, flying north and making a radical turn south. thai radar picked this up. they didn't tell anybody for days. they didn't act on it at the time either. we know malaysian radar, military radar, picked this up. picked up the massive big turn a week and a half ago when it happened. they didn't act on it at the time. should this be reason for concern when we are talking about air security in this
8:26 am
region of the world that no actions were taken then and it has taken so long to learn all this? >> john, you make a very good point. i have to say in hearing these reports, sassuming they are all accurate, i think in the united states, we are quite spoiled by the professionalism of our faa, and our ntsb, and our military and what they do. there are capacity differences if i can put this gently, between the united states and what we're seeing with some of these countries in southeast asia. i think that's the best way. i don't think there is any malfeasance or benevolence involved. i think there is just major differences in the capacities of these different institutions here in the united states and overseas. we are asking them to meet our standards. sometimes we have real challenges this way too. i'm sure they are doing the best they can. i think there are differences in
8:27 am
capacities. >> peter, real quick. there is so much focus on these pilots. i know the investigation is centering on them and malaysia. if something is to come up, wouldn't something have come up by now if there was something there. >> we are dealing with capabilities. we in the united states sometimes suffer from the csi effect. we expect we can know everything, more than we can know in a 45 minute or an hour period. we also have fantastic law enforcement and intelligence p capabilities. there is difference in laws. our expectations are very high based on the fantastic jobs that our fbi and cia and intelligence community do. in some cases, as difficult as it is, we have to temper our expectations in this regard.
8:28 am
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belief that they changed their court. thailand says they were receiving communication data from the malaysian plane's planned route until 1:22 when it disappeared from the radar. six minutes later, the thai military detected an unknown signal hoed signal headed in the opposite direction. they said someone programmed the plane's computer to make it turn west. what people don't know, no one knows exactly, is w is who ente those coordinants. 2.24 million nautical square miles. searching that are the pa searching that part of the world, they are saying it is ruffle the size of france. the general manager says it is like looking for a needle in a hey stack.
8:33 am
>> this initial search area was developed working with the united states national transportation safety board. as a result of work they have already done. on behalf of malaysia. the area where the aircraft might have entered the water was corrected by the rescue coordination center here to provide a possible search area that is relevant to efforts to be. the new information we have today comes from thailand. thailand saying its military picked up on its radar, this flig flight, as it was moving through the area, now, 11 days ago. our tom foreman is in washington. tom, connect the dots for us now. >> i'll tell you this. this is the first time, as we bring in our map. this is the first time we have had radar data since the disappearance that told us
8:34 am
something other than these satellite indications. let's take a look at where it took off, kuala lumpur, flew off here 11 days ago and disappeared without a trace. as they have evolved and extrapolated data, maybe there is a northern arc or a southern arc. maybe it turned left and headed over to the straits of malacca. this would support that theory. if you look at where thailand is right there, the straits of malacca is just over there. that's the strait over there. if it came up in the box on the right and turned and thailand tracked it, as they said they have, it would wind up in an area where they said it was all along. this fits into the theories at this point. >> i imagine there are blind spots that the radar wouldn't pick up. are you able to detect what those would be?
8:35 am
>> there are absolutely blind spots. the southern route. on the northern route, if you look at it, you fly up through all those areas up there, there are plenty of areas where you would think there would be a blanket of radar coverage. >> tom foreman, illustrating the vast space that they are looking at. some of rate dares not turned on full time. that's the other piece of information we are cleaning. ahead at this hour, what exactly did happen aboard that missing jet? the question that so many people at home want to know. why didn't any of the passengers call home. we have some answers coming up next. the psychological toll this mystery has to be taking on the family of the passengers. the mystery and limbo, not only do they have to deal with the
8:36 am
possibility of tragedy. right now, they have to deal with the possibility of the unknown. what kind of tolls does this take? we will talk about that when we come back. and finish with dessert. three courses, $9.99. at olive garden. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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back to our breaking news. we are getting news out of seattle. como news, one of the local stations there in seattle is reporting it was their news helicopter that crashed beside the space needle. two people are now dead. the police department is on scene as are firefighters. they are on the scene. we are working on new details. we don't know if the two deaths come from people inside the helicopter or on the ground. you can see the situation on the ground with the car and truck
8:40 am
obviously destroyed there. there could have been a fair amount of damage to the helicopter and surrounding area. >> and potentially, more injuries. >> we will bring youmore as we get it in. back to our top story, a question a lot of us have been asking since we found out about the disappearance of the jet. whatever was happening aboard the plane, why didn't any of the passengers use their cell phones to try in a desperate attempt to reach their loved ones, to reach out for help and call for help. >> a tragic reason. so many are asking this question. you remember when united flight 93 was hijacked on september 11th, some passengers did manage to make calls. many of those flights, they did on united flight 93. it is how some of those passengers learn that the other flights had been hijacked and there were attacks. our guest has some answers. jeff wise is a familiar face. he is a pilot and author. you have written some articles
8:41 am
about this. you have some theories about why cell phone calls were made. >> i think people get a false idea or misconception of what cell phones can do. in fact, if you are at altitude, you can't make a cell phone call. the signal is too weak. cell phone towers mostly aim their signal down, because that's where most cell phones are, on the ground. they don't want you to use them in airplanes. at 30,000 feet, you can't use a cell phone. now, what about you flighted 93? people don't remember that in those days, airplanes used to have these things called air phones. one seat in every row had a phone in the back. you could swipe a credit card. it costs like $7 a minute. they weren't very popular. they wound up being phased out.
8:42 am
most of the calls made from 9/11 were from air phones. >> the altitude was a lot lower. >> only toward the end of the flight when the plane came down below 10,000 feet, even lower. a few phone calls able to come through. >> i want to talk about something that's an awful thing to consider here. if this plane had been taken over, flight 370. what could the people in the cockpit do to make sure that the passengers were subdued or not able to do anything like try to make a phone call? >> bear in mind, this happened in the middle of the night which it partly was part of the plot. they say it was an intentional act of sabotage. i believe it was clearly a plot. most passengers are asleep. they have been told to turn their phones off. you can't tell what direction you are heading just by the
8:43 am
motion of your body. it is very disoriented. people might expect they can tell what direction they are headed in but you really can't. when this plane took its gentle turn to the left. it might have, up to 45,000 feet. it is not clear. they wouldn't know that they had deviated. so the first thing they would know that something was unusual about this flight, potentially, unless there was a fire or some other thing happened, just from the fact of the flight itself. they wouldn't know that they had deviated until they were maybe six hours into the flight, they are expecting to land in beijing. they are not. it is still dark outside. why? because they have traveled to a different part of the world and are in a different time zone. the answer is, they wouldn't know to answer their cell phone. if they started to the get restless, the captain could have depressurized the cabin. the pilot in charge of a plane has the ability to let the air out essentially.
8:44 am
an airplane is a pressurized container of air. they can just vent out that air and reduce to the ambient atmosphere that's around him at 35,000 feet, 45,000 feet, you have so little oxygen, that you essentially become hypoxic and pass out. if you do that at oxygen mask will drop. >> it has been one of the questions we have all seen. you have gotten them. i have gotten them. our friends are asking us about them. we are all searching for answers. it goes to that extent. we all want to find this plane. jeff weiss, thanks for joining us once again at this hour. >> appreciate it. how families are coping with the mystery here, not knowing what happened to their loved ones on board malaysia flight 370. our fe food starts a fight,
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if you can for a minute, try to imagine the roller coaster of emotions the families of the missing plane passengers are going through. we know that group counselors say it is worse than a crash. it is this not knowing what happened and being left in limb poe, having no answers at all. >> it has to be brutal. one grief counselor says some of the desperate family welcomed the news that this may, may have been some kind of hijacking. >> when the word came out that we are basically considering hijacking as the most possible scenario, there was among many of the families almost euphoria, because that means they could still be alive. i heard cheers. >> psychologist, jeff gardere,
8:49 am
assistant professor of new york's college of medicine, join us now. it seems for us. we are not in the middle of that, only watching on the sidelines. that's a terrible thing to think you would cheer to think of the possibility that your loved one has been hijacked. there is a chance of survival. >> that's why i call this the horror and the hope, because you want to hold on to whatever hope there is. it is great that the grief counselors are there. y you grieve after you are separated from someone and they die. they can't begin to grieve classically as one would. they don't know what has happened to the bodies, whether the family members are still alive or whether they are perished. they are stuck in this
8:50 am
they are forming informal families, if you will, because they're all together during the briefings, talking to one another. they're talking to the grief counselors, so just keep that catharsis going, and rely on your spirituality, rely on your religion. anything. anything that takes some of that pressure off of you and allows you to be able to hope as much as you can. >> is it dangerous, though, to hope too much here? >> well, i think the danger -- that's a great question. the danger is that you set yourself up for some sort of a major failure. but at this point, again, this roller coaster of emotions, it's important to try to stay more with the positive than in the negative. we can't write them off as yet. because we don't know what has happened. >> i've got to ask you something that i know a lot of people sitting at home watching this hour with us wondering as well. post 9/11 going through this and
8:51 am
now again. if you're at all a nervous nellie -- >> that's right. >> it's more real now, the fear of getting on an airplane, especially if you're taking a transatlantic flight, going across these big bodies of water. what do you tell clients, what do you tell people, how to manage that anxiety and how to manage that fear and continue to live your life? >> well, i think the most important thing is to admit that it is a very uncertain world, and that anything can, in fact, happen. but again, we just try to look at the more positive of surviving, of being spiritual, not necessarily about religion. but of thinking those positive thoughts that we will see the next moment, we will see the next day. but here's the importance. enjoying every single day every moment, because you never know when that will be taken away from you. >> that's actually a very good point. i appreciate that. i might even take that to heart. jeff, i've got to say, last thing here, you know, those families dealing with the hope and also the grief at the same
8:52 am
time, they also have to be dealing with an enormous amount of anger. what they're being told right now is very, very confusing. >> well, there is a lot of confusion going on. because of all of the different information. this stuff is so mysterious, one of the great mysteries of our time right now. so they don't really know what to think. but there is a lot of anger. there is a lot of rage, because they have been getting conflicting information. and they feel that in some ways some of the governments involved are not telling them everything that they know. not to mention that they may feel betrayed, because they may begin to think there is an inside job as far as the crew, perhaps, being involved. >> well -- >> so many things they have to deal with here. >> if you're a praying person, say a prayer for those families. send your thoughts and good wishes. they're going to need support in the coming days. >> positive thoughts. >> jeff gardere, we appreciate you being here. thanks so much. >> now you can join in the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. thousands of people trying to find the missing airliner by combing over images posted by
8:53 am
digital globe. the colorado based company owns one of the world's most complex satellite networks. but volunteers are needed to search through the thousands of miles worth of images. you can check out to learn more about how you can help. >> ahead at this hour, the latest on the investigation into flight 370. the focus, the two men who were flying that plane. [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones.
8:54 am
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much of the investigation, at least where it currently stands, into what happened to flight 370 surround the pilots. were they heroes trying to save the plane in an emergency, or were they part of a scheme to hijack it or bring down that boeing 777? >> so many questions about them. we want to bring in our senior washington correspondent, joe johns. joe has been following the investigation. joe, we know now that they confiscated the pilot's flight simulator, his personal flight simulator, from his house. of course, they waited a week to do that. but what do we now know about what this might reveal? >> we know a little what they were looking for. looking for records on the hard drive or software in the simulator that might tell them whether the captain practiced unusual maneuvers or approaches to other airports. the other issue is whether anyone besides the captain may
8:58 am
have trained on that simulator, and if so, investigators want to locate those persons and find out what they know. that said, there's still nothing the authorities have made public suggesting a motive to take at that plane and fly it off course and is make it disappear. >> and, of course, a lot of pilots here saying that's not uncommon for pilots to have simulator in their own home. we also know that the pilot has been a supporter of the malaysian opposition party and that nation jailed the opposition leader just hours before the plane disappeared. have there been any dots connected in this development? >> there really haven't. what we have been told is that the captain, zaharie ahmed shah, was so a so-called silent member of the justice party, opposition party, yes, but nothing to indicate radicalization, say, on the part of the captain. that notion has actually been discredited by the authorities so far, and as far as we know, there is no discernible link to
8:59 am
the pkr leader, anwar heeb rah ibrahim. >> what's your sense of what authorities think of how the malaysian officials are handling the investigation? >> well, there is a bit of concern, because there's a lot of assistance out there that they could be using, and a lot of this information and the investigation has been rather closely held. that said, once they find a plane, we have been told they're very likely to broaden it out and allow a lot of others in, including more involvement, say, from the fbi and others. >> once they find a plane, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? >> wouldn't that be? joe johns, we appreciate it. thanks for joining us at this hour. >> really appreciate it. of course we are following the mystery of flight 370 throughout the day here on cnn. that's all for us right now at this hour. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now.
9:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- welcome to "legal view" a week and a half into an aviation police tree none of us will ever forget. a second country is now coming forward with radar data on malaysian's airline flight 370. it's the royal thai air force weighing in, saying it too tracked the boeing 777 through normal channels until roughly 40 minutes after that flight took off, and then disappeared from civilian radar. and that jives with the time line we have been hearing for days from malaysia. it's six minutes later, thailand's military radar picked up a plane that might have -- might have been flight 370. except it was going in the opposite direction. now that too is more or less consistent with what we think we know at this point. but it still leaves us with